Ceramic Worktops

Stunning range of worktops at Kookaburra Bromsgrove

If you want something different, beautiful ceramic worktops from Kookaburra Kitchens are for you. Available in more than 30 colours, including unique finishes, such as metallic, rust and concrete they are here to stay. Ceramics are an industrially manufactured product, made from clay fired at extremely high temperatures, they are relatively lightweight and come in a satin (matt, brushed) finish. Yet another reason for the increasing popularity of this material is that ceramic combines a beautiful, natural look and feel with exceptionally practical properties, and is very hygienic.

Ceramics in everyday use

Although the characteristics vary slightly depending on the colour, ceramic can generally be characterised as follows:

  • Scratch resistance : 10/10
  • Heat resistance : 8/10
  • Stain resistance : 10/10

In comparison to granite and quartz, ceramics are susceptible to damage from impact or point loads. This is relevant mainly for transport. However, care should also be taken with pointed and/or heavy objects that could drop onto the surface.

For more information on our ceramic kitchen and bathroom worktops please call our Bromsgrove showroom on 01527 570305