The KEA Twin – Block Water Softener

The KEA twin Block Water Softener is a revolution in the technology of water softening. The KEA twin is non electric, compact, efficient, reliable and is easy to install.

The twin tanks ensure you’ve always got a fresh supply of softened water.

Installation (see diagam below)
1. A minimum of clearance is needed above unit for removal of dirt
2. Lid slides forward to access block salt compartment
3. No additional space needed when loading salt
4. Block salt easily lowers onto inner platform

For more detail and information on the KEA twin block water softener, please call our Bromsgrove showroom on 01527 570305


Hard water and soap forms scum. Wash basins and baths lose their shine and feel rough to the touch. The showerhead clogs up and cleaning the shower screen is a real nightmare! Soft water is gentle on your bathroom. Taps and chrome will shine, baths and basins will remain smooth. Shower screens require little cleaning and the showerhead remains scalefree. Tiles on walls and floors will look new for years.


Dishwashers, coffee makers, kettles, Quooker hot water taps, standard taps and pans will all suffer from limescale. Scaled up appliances operate inefficiently and slowly. Taps start to
leak, sinks and drainers become grey and dull.
A water softener is great for your kitchen. With soft water, your appliances work as they should. Your dishes shine with much less detergent. No need for descalers! Your taps will look new and your sink and drainer will remain clean and
shiny. The addition of salt and rinse aid shall no longer be required. We generally leave a separate hard water drinking tap although it is perfectly safe to drink softened water if you


Scale is building up throughout your pipework and in your hot water system every day. Since limescale is a good insulator, heat transfer will be impeded. The efficiency of your system decreases, with a lot of energy lost. Soft water is gentle on your boiler and your entire system.
Fed with soft water your heating system works quickly and efficiently. Boiler elements remain scale-free and last much longer. Pipes remain clear and provide a high flow of soft water to your taps. Slowly but surely, all scale will be
removed from your entire system.


You use less than half the soap and detergent with soft water. Hard water and soap flakes make scum in your laundry so it feels rough and discoloured. Soft water washing is better – fabric feels naturally soft. You also do not need fabric softener. You will use half as much shampoo, shower gel, bath foam and cleaning products. Your skin feels smooth and naturally soft. Hair is shiny and knotfree. The life of your washing machine and other appliances working with soft water is considerably longer. Improved efficiency in your system is significant and reduces your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.