Pelipal Solitaire 7005 Bathroom Case Study

We at Kookaburra were very pleased to see our clients from years ago come back to us. After designing and installing their kitchen we are always proud when we see a returning customer for a further project.

It means we are achieving our goal – customer focus, operational excellence through the people we employ, constant innovation and superior service.

Client: ‘We bought a kitchen from Kookaburra 7 years ago. Everything then went perfectly and the kitchen is still great. The fitters were better than any we have encountered before or since. My wife and I instantly agreed that we would engage Chris and Andrea at Kookaburra again when it came to a new family bathroom.’

Client: ‘Chris worked extensively on our design, ensuring that it all worked in its space even down to the details of how corners and finishes would impact. We were happy to take his guidance. Andrea wisely helped us choose the exact design for flooring, tiles and lighting to ensure it all matched to achieve the look we wanted.

We wanted the various items in the bathroom to co-ordinate and work together. This was achieved. Both Chris and Andrea were generous with their time in the planning phase.’

Kookaburra asked ‘What is it you love most about your new bathroom?’

Client: ‘It adds an extra ‘wow’ factor to our house, the quality of finish is exceptional. The whole experience of working with Kookaburra was fabulous. Chris and Andrea’s calm and professional approach, backed by real knowledge and experience gave us confidence. The planning was meticulous, we received a precise project plan schedule well in advance listing who was going to be coming on what day to undertake each activity – and the plan was followed to the letter. No delays, no excuses – just great workman who were passionate about getting the job done right. Why would anyone go anywhere else?’