Quartz / Silestone Kitchen Worktops

Stunning range of worktops at Kookaburra Bromsgrove

Quartz worktops are available in an unrivalled range of colours and finishes. A quartz worktop can be used to give a kitchen a modern, streamlined look and feel, but is also ideal for a more traditional look or a simple classic design. Quartz composite is a man-made, masonry material formed from quartz. Although quartz manufacturers around the world number by the dozen, we at Kookaburra work mainly with suppliers such as Silestone and Ceasarstone.

Quartz has a fairly regular colour and structure, but the fact that it is formed from natural raw materials means that variations in colour and structure (for example, compared to samples) can never be ruled out. The majority of quartz surfaces have a polished finish (high sheen). In addition to its luxurious look and feel, a benefit of this type of finish is that the top layer is sealed, making it less susceptible to staining.

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Quartz worktops in everyday use

Certain quartz colours can also be supplied with a matt surface, in two finishes; honed (low sheen) and satin (brushed). Quartz with a matt finish gives the worktop a rustic appearance, however the top layer has a relatively open structure, which means the materials are more susceptible to staining, mainly during the first months of use. This will improve over the course of time and the material will also become slightly darker in colour.

Although characteristics vary slightly depending on the colour, as a guideline the different finishes can be compared as follows:

  • Scratch resistance : 7/10
  • Heat resistance : 10/10
  • Stain resistance : 10/10

* Although quartz is in fact highly resistant to heat damage, there is a risk of ‘thermoshock’ occurring or the binder (resin) burning if the worktop is subjected to large temperature differences (for example, placing a very hot pan on a cold surface), resulting in irreparable damage.